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SaaS marketing - advising, mentoring, Recruiting, Investing

We help you build your marketing function

We advise founders, recruit and mentor marketers, and invest in SaaS startups. We also run a marketer-led syndicate and a job board. MKT1 is a partnership co-founded by Emily Kramer & Kathleen Estreich, former leaders at companies like Asana, Intercom, Box & Carta.

Marketing advising & mENTORING

What we do

We help founders and marketers build high-growth companies.

Advise founders

We work with founders and marketing leaders on everything from hiring to positioning, planning, and pricing.

Invest / Syndicate

Kathleen & Emily both angel invest individually and from our fund & syndicate.

Job board & Recruiting

We run a job board focused on early & growth stage marketing roles. Plus, we offer recruiting services for startups.

Mentor marketers

We coach early and growth-stage marketing leaders through our mentorship program.


We offer workshops (just Kathleen, Emily, and your team) to discuss your biggest marketing challenges.

Experienced marketing leaders

Who we are

We've worked at some of the most successful SaaS companies over the last 15 years, building marketing and operations teams.

Emily Kramer

Asana, Carta, Astro (acq. Slack), Ticketfly

Emily has led marketing teams at Seed to Series E startups with $0 to $100M ARR. She built the marketing teams and function from scratch at Asana, Carta, and Astro (acquired by Slack).

While leading Asana's marketing team for 4 years, she launched their first paid product for teams in 2013 and their rebrand in 2015. At Astro, she launched the company and first product, which won Product Hunt's mobile app of the year in 2017; Astro was acquired by Slack a year later. While at Carta, she developed their gender equity gap data studies and launched the Table Stakes initiative in 2019, which has been covered in 50+ top tier publications.

Emily is an advocate for fair compensation practices and offers free compensation reviews through her project, Help Wanted. She's also a board member at non-profit Empower Work, a text line for people facing challenges in the workplace.

Kathleen Estreich

Box, Intercom, Scalyr, Facebook

Kathleen has built and led marketing and operations teams at several high-growth startups including Intercom, Box, Facebook and Scalyr. She has experience on both the marketing and business operations side, bringing a holistic view to help founders grow their early business teams.

While at Scalyr, she helped grow the business and team from seed stage to Series A, owning marketing, recruiting, finance, HR and business operations. At Intercom, she helped the company scale from ~100 employees to over 270. At Box, she ran the Platform Business team, where she oversaw platform marketing, programs and partnership, and started and ran the Box Developer Conference. She spent six years in marketing at Facebook, including roles in corporate communications, platform marketing, and engineering marketing, as the company grew from 15 million to more than a billion users.

Kathleen loves helping founders and companies scale in deliberate ways, focusing on building great products and team environments.


From founders we've worked with

Here's what a few founders at companies we currently advise say about us. (thanks!)

Dan Pupius

CEO & Co-Founder at Range
Former Head of Eng at Medium

“Emily & Kathleen have helped Range build a marketing strategy to get to the next stage of growth. They’re incredibly knowledgeable on startup marketing and go above and beyond — they are both super responsive and willing to rollup their sleeves to help. Their track record speaks for itself.”

Lizelle Van Vuuren

Co-founder & CMO, Undock
Founder Women Who Startup

"Emily and Kathleen are a dynamic duo, covering SaaS marketing and startups from leadership development and advisory to investing. Working with these two is a breath of fresh air. They roll up their sleeves and get into the nitty-gritty of your company so that they can help you build the best possible growth and marketing systems and teams. I look forward to our conversations, their blogs and really enjoy having them a part of our advisory team."

Shubham Goel

Co-Founder, Affinity
Former Partner at Dorm Room Fund

“Emily and Kathleen understand not just marketing but also all of GTM and product strategy. They’ve been tremendously helpful mentoring our marketers and advising the leadership team. They understand how to achieve revenue milestones and help us plan towards them. I’ve known them for years and am lucky to work with them so closely now.”

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