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Investing, marketing advising, Marketing recruiting

We help you build marketing

MKT1 helps founders and marketing leaders build high-growth B2B companies.  We're Emily Kramer & Kathleen Estreich, former leaders from Asana, Intercom, Box & Carta. We invest through our fund, coach marketing leaders, write a newsletter, teach courses, and manage a job board.

Marketing advising & mENTORING

What we do

We've helped 50+ B2B companies build marketing functions by investing, advising, and coaching. We teach you what we've learned so you grow quickly and efficiently.

MKT1 Capital

We run a fund & a syndicate, focused on early & growth stage SaaS.

Founder advising

We work with founders and marketing leaders on everything from hiring to positioning, planning, and pricing.

Advising for marketing leaders

We coach early and growth-stage marketing leaders 1:1 and offer a cohort-based course on Building B2B Marketing.

Marketing Recruiting

We serve as the marketing expert in your recruiting process from defining roles to interviewing candidate and have a contingent recruiting referral program.

MKT1 Job Board

We are working on v2 of our job board, launching January 2023. Candidates looking for a new role can get in touch with us via our form.

Experienced marketing leaders

Who we are

We've worked at some of the most successful SaaS companies over the last 15 years, building marketing and operations teams.

Emily Kramer

Asana, Carta, Astro (acq. Slack), Ticketfly

Emily has led marketing teams at Seed to Series E startups with $0 to $100M ARR. She built the marketing teams and function from scratch at Asana, Carta, and Astro (acquired by Slack). She's also invested in 50+ companies.

While leading Asana's marketing team for 4 years, she launched their first paid product for teams in 2013 and their rebrand in 2015. At Astro, she launched the company and first product, which won Product Hunt's mobile app of the year in 2017; Astro was acquired by Slack a year later. While at Carta, she developed their gender equity gap data studies and launched the Table Stakes initiative in 2019, which has been covered in 50+ top tier publications.

Emily is an advocate for fair compensation practices and is also a board member at non-profit Empower Work, a text line for people facing challenges in the workplace.

Kathleen Estreich

Box, Intercom, Scalyr, Facebook

Kathleen has built and led marketing and operations teams at several high-growth startups including Intercom, Box, Facebook and Scalyr. She has experience on both the marketing and business operations side, bringing a holistic view to help founders grow their early business teams.

While at Scalyr, she helped grow the business and team from seed stage to Series A, owning marketing, recruiting, finance, HR and business operations. At Intercom, she helped the company scale from ~100 employees to over 270. At Box, she ran the Platform Business team, where she oversaw platform marketing, programs and partnership, and started and ran the Box Developer Conference. She spent six years in marketing at Facebook, including roles in corporate communications, platform marketing, and engineering marketing, as the company grew from 15 million to more than a billion users.

Kathleen loves helping founders and companies scale in deliberate ways, focusing on building great products and team environments.


How we actually add value

Here's what a few founders in our portfolio say about us...

Michelle Valentine

Co-Founder & CEO, Anrok

“MKT1 is my go-to-investor when building out our go-to-market motion. From early advice around setting up our demand-gen engine to directly referring our Head of Marketing, I can trust the MKT1 team to open up their unparalleled marketing network to help us at Anrok.”

Alexa Grabell

Co-Founder & CEO, Pocus

"MKT1 has been one of the most value-add investors because of their expertise on all things go-to-market and the ability to jump in and give strategic AND technical advice."

Simon Rorbach

Co-Founder & CEO, Plain

"There are investors who you don't just want on your cap table, but also want to work with all day, every day as part of your core team. The only negative about MKT1 is that's not possible and you'll wish you’d gotten them on your cap table sooner."

Jaleh Rezaei

Co-Founder & CEO, Muitny

“The number one area founders struggle with is marketing—from who to hire, to what channels to invest, to how to position their company. Having Emily & Kathleen as investors has been incredibly valuable. They have given us product feedback, helped with company messaging for major launches, and advice on how to get press. Every founder should bring on CMO investors.

Lisa Wallace

Co-Founder, Assemble

“Emily and Kathleen have lead Marketing at some of the most varied and iconic venture-backed companies across multiple stages of growth.

My cofounder Enrique and I had been trying to get MKT1 to join our cap table for months. They’ve become one of our most valuable and hands-on partners, approaching our marketing challenges with the zeal and commitment as if it were their own company.

Their advice is consistently candid and actionable, and exceptionally hands-on: brainstorming content with us, drafting job descriptions, and regularly serving as a sounding board for strategy. They are also incredibly helpful with hiring, having built up a powerful community of tech marketers.

We've had multiple VP Marketing candidates tell us that the number one perk of working at Assemble would be working with Emily and Kathleen. I have worked with multiple executive hiring firms and VC firms in my career across a number of executive searches. I have never once had that reaction before from so many candidates so consistently."

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Our thoughts on marketing

We write a newsletter for Seed-Series Bish founders and marketers.

December 1, 2020

How to organize your SaaS marketing organization

We've built marketing teams from scratch at multiple now unicorn companies. While no marketing two teams look the same, we’ve evolved a framework org chart that we recommend early-stage SaaS founders or heads of marketers use.

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February 23, 2021

We've been defining product marketing wrong

In most of product marketing definitions a key point is missed: product marketers should be just as versed in who the company is building for, as they are in what the company is building, if not more.

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April 22, 2021

How to build your website right the first time

Your website is your #1 most important marketing asset by a mile. Yet, many (most?) websites, especially for early and growth-stage companies are ineffective. They don't tell visitors who the product is for, what problem they solve, and what the product does.

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June 29, 2021

Perceptions: How to tell an impactful story

Perceptions guide your marketing efforts so you stay focused and tell a repeatable story that is uniquely your own. Perceptions trickle down and shape marketers’ goals, messaging, and content roadmap.

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July 27, 2021

GACC Marketing Brief

When you are planning a campaign, writing a blog post, deciding the focus of an event, or creating anything longer than a Tweet, you probably need a GACC. Writing the GACC in advance helps give your future creation focus, sets context for reviewers, and ensures you have a plan for driving results.

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September 7, 2021

Marketing Goal Setting Crash Course

We’re shocked by how many marketing leaders don’t have clearly defined goals, only have lead and revenue target goals, or set goals that aren’t focused on impact—like “make 10 blog posts...

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