Workshop with Kathleen Estreich on 6/15 from 9-11 am pt

How to hire your first few B2B marketers

Hiring your 1st (or 2nd, or 3rd) marketer is hard to get right. In this workshop, you will learn what matters most in your first marketing hires, what skills are nice to have vs need to have, and how to interview candidates for these roles.


$250 per person, maximum 50 participants

Workshop details

This workshop covers...

Thursday June 15, 2023, 9-11 AM PT

Live on Zoom with Kathleen Estreich, co-founder of MKT1, former Marketing, Ops & Recruiting Leader at Scalyr, Intercom, Box, & Facebook.

This interactive workshop will feature slides from MKT1, breakout groups, and Q&A.

Who to hire

We'll go through our pi-shaped marketer and fuel & engine frameworks to help you better understand roles and functions of marketing.

When to hire

We'll talk thorugh when to hire full-time vs. contractors and what your marketer will do.

How to hire

We'll walk through scocecards, interview questions and assignments, so you hire the right person.


Reviews from past courses

Here's what a few marketers say about working with us (thanks!).

Mark K

Attended MKT1 workshop

The most systematic view on marketing I have ever heard!

Kathleen V.

Attended MKT1 workshop

This was fantastic! So actionable and engaging. Thanks for packing so much in!

Sam S.

Attended MKT1 workshop

Loved how jam packed it was - and all the templates are TRULY impactful and actionable - thank you!

Noush Isaac

Head of Marketing at SafeStack

"This course made a huge difference to how I think about B2B marketing and is already helping me focus on what matters."

Freddy Shelton

CMO at LeaderFactor

You walk away will loads of action items and clear improvements. 10/10 Recommend."

Deborah Kelson

VP of Marketing, Switchboard

"MKT1’s course far exceeded my expectations. As a senior marketer, I really enjoyed learning new ways to think about planning and strategy."

Brian Aoyoma

VP Marketing & Strategy, Learn to Win

"Absolutely fantastic learning experience! Can't recommend it highly enough."

Eva Tang

Marketing Leader, Practice

"Was truly the most practical and useful course I feel like I've taken in years (or ever)."

Ashley Kemper

VP of Marketing, HyperComply

"Working with MKT1 was one of the best growth-hacks for our early-stage company."


Deep experience building marketing & hiring marketers

Kathleen Estreich

Co-founder MKT1

Scalyr (acq SentinelOne, Box, Intercom, Facebook

Kathleen has built and led marketing, operations, and recruiting teams at several high-growth startups including Intercom, Box, Facebook and Scalyr. She has experience on both the marketing and business operations side, bringing a holistic view to help founders grow their early business teams.

While at Scalyr, she helped grow the business and team from seed stage to Series A, owning marketing, recruiting, finance, HR and business operations. At Intercom, she helped the company scale from ~100 employees to over 270. At Box, she ran the Platform Business team, where she oversaw platform marketing, programs and partnership, and started and ran the Box Developer Conference. She spent six years in marketing at Facebook, including roles in corporate communications, platform marketing, and engineering marketing, as the company grew from 15 million to more than a billion users.

who should take this Workshop

Built for early & growth stage B2B startups

If you're trying to figure out how to build your marketing function his 2 hour workshop will save you hours of work later—and potentially a hiring mistake. This course was built for founders, but will also be relevant for recruiters and marketers—breakout groups will be divided up by role.


Who are figuring out when to hire their first full-time marketer, or how to bridge the gap until you make the hire.


At VC firms or working with or at at startups who want to get up to speed on how to hire early marketers.

Early marketing leaders

If you are the first marketer, but want tips for expanding your team, this course will help you identify who to hire next.

Learn how to build your early marketing team

Join us on June 15. If you are an MKT1 Newsletter paid subscriber, check Substack for a 10% discount.