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We work with marketers to identify their next career move and make intros to companies we advise. If you're considering your next role at a Seed-Series C SaaS company, get in touch.

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We love meeting marketers to discuss their career trajectory and build our network. If you're interested in talking to us about your career and potential next move, apply via our job application form and let us know in the comments.


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If you're interested in roles at early or growth stage companies now or in the future, get in touch.


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We'll connect you with founders at companies we have a connection to when you're ready to explore new roles. If you aren't looking yet, that's fine too.


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We'll help you navigate the interview and job offer process. Once you're in a startup role, we also offer a mentorship program.

Emily & Kathleen

Who we are

We've built marketing teams from the ground up a handful of times and now advise marketers and founders—so we understand what it's like to be in your role. We really like using our experiences to help other marketers grow their careers.

Emily Kramer

Asana, Carta, Astro (acq. Slack), Ticketfly

Emily has led marketing teams at Seed to Series E startups with $0 to $100M ARR. She built the marketing teams and functions from scratch at Asana, Carta, and Astro (acquired by Slack). Emily is also an advocate for fair compensation, and offers free salary and equity reviews through Help Wanted Project.

Kathleen Estreich

Box, Intercom, Scalyr, Facebook

Kathleen has built and led marketing and operations teams at several high-growth startups including Intercom, Box, Facebook and Scalyr. She has experience on both the marketing and business operations side, bringing a holistic view to help marketers understand how to grow a business.

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