Recruiting, mentorship, angel investing

Opportunities for marketers

We help marketing candidates find new roles, share deal flow with active and aspiring marketing angels, write a newsletter, and teach cohort-based courses.

Marketers, we want to meet you

One of our goals for MKT1 is to champion other startup marketers.

We like to help marketers grow in their careers and share opportunities with other marketers—from new roles to angel investing and advising opportunities.

Job search help

We work with marketers to identify their next career move and make intros to companies we work with (mostly Seed-Series C).

"Building B2B Marketing" Course

We're offer a course on becoming a more impactful marketing leader. Its collaborative, hopefully fun, and definitely useful.

Investing as a marketer

We have over 50 marketers as limited partners in our fund.

MKT1 Events

We host talks, workshops, & courses for marketers and founders, including a 5-week course for Heads of marketing 1x/quarter.

1:1 Mentorship & Advising

We very occasionally advise Series A-C marketing leaders. We've worked with leaders at Sprig, BigPanda, Oyster, Vanta, Seesaw, and more.

who we are

We've built multiple marketing teams from the ground up

We're ex-startup marketing leaders turned investors. We love helping other marketers figure out their path.

Emily Kramer

Asana, Carta, Astro, Ticketfly

Emily has led marketing teams at Seed to Series E startups with $0 to $100M ARR. She built the marketing teams and functions from scratch at Asana, Carta, and Astro (acquired by Slack).

She's invested in 50+ startups as an Angel and fund manager. Emily is also on the board of non-profit, Empower Work.

Kathleen Estreich

Box, Intercom, Scalyr, Facebook

Kathleen has built and led marketing and operations teams at several high-growth startups including Intercom, Box, Facebook and Scalyr. She has experience on both the marketing and business operations side, bringing a holistic view to help marketers understand how to grow a business.

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Posts for marketers

November 28, 2022

How to create a more effective homepage

A step-by-step guide on improving your homepage content & copy to increase conversion. At least once a day, I see a startup’s website and think, “I have no idea what this company does.” Many (most?) websites, especially for early and growth-stage companies are ineffective. They don't tell visitors who the product is for, what the product does, and why the product is better. When your homepage content and copy miss the mark, your conversion rate suffers, and all of your top of funnel efforts are wasteful.

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August 16, 2022

The art of content roadmapping

‍If you put the effort into generating the right content ideas, adding the right details to your content ideas, and creating a prioritized roadmap—like how a product leader puts effort into a product roadmap—you will save a ton of time producing and distributing content later

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February 24, 2022

Early-stage marketing compensation explained

Our perspective on early-stage marketing compensation in an attempt to make this process easier for both marketers and founders. We share salary & equity benchmarks for Seed & Series A marketing roles, plus how to evaluate your equity offer.

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November 8, 2021

The fuel & engine

To build a successful marketing function you need to produce great fuel and craft a well-running engine. Your fuel needs to be custom made for your engine and your engine needs to be custom made for your fuel.

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September 7, 2021

Marketing Goal Setting Crash Course

We’re shocked by how many marketing leaders don’t have clearly defined goals, only have lead and revenue target goals, or set goals that aren’t focused on impact—like “make 10 blog posts...

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July 27, 2021

GACC Marketing Brief

When you are planning a campaign, writing a blog post, deciding the focus of an event, or creating anything longer than a Tweet, you probably need a GACC. Writing the GACC in advance helps give your future creation focus, sets context for reviewers, and ensures you have a plan for driving results.

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